How To Offer Excellent Customer Service


You may have a fantastic product, but if your customer service is unhelpful, unreliable, or just plain hard to get in touch with, folks will hear about it, and you’ll lose customers over it. That’s one big reason why investing in customer service is key to long-term business success.

So, how do you offer excellent customer service to your clients? Read on to find out

How To Provide Excellent Customer Service

#1. Know your product/service

46% of all consumers will abandon a brand if the employees are not knowledgeable. And this is almost a half! Just imagine: one day a half of your customers may abandon you in favor of your competitors. It doesn’t sound fun, right?

In order to prevent any negative consequences, spend some time organizing training or coaching for your employees. Make them learn everything about the product, and they will not fall flat on their face in front of the customer.

Another thing to do is create a knowledge base for the employees with the main concepts, ideas, and FAQ. Such a guide will not only help them learn all the necessary data but assist in responding to clients as well.

#2. Know your customers
Here, we can mention two elements to consider: the marketing aspect and providing excellent customer service.

As for marketing, it’s all clear. You have to know your clients well to target the right audience, conduct re-marketing campaigns, and improve customer retention. But why is it so important for customer experience?

The thing is, in most of the cases, clients have to deal with multiple customer support representatives. Unfortunately, not all of them know the customer’s history well and can provide instant help.

#3. Remain human
Our human nature is a great advantage, which you should never underestimate when it comes to customer service.

No matter how fast the technologies advance, human interaction will remain the most valuable feature of customer service. On average, 75% of customers would still prefer to communicate with a person rather than a chatbot.

#4. Solve problems fast

29% of consumers consider speed as a critical aspect of customer service interaction. They mention quick problem resolution first when they describe excellent customer service.

Moreover, a lot of clients are even ready to pay for faster service. For instance, 40% of respondents in most surveys claim that they would pay extra for same-day delivery.

Customers are not willing to wait long even for a CSR to answer their phone call. In this case, an example of excellent customer service would be answering the phone during the first 1-3 minutes.


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