How To Boost Sales During COVID-19



The world has been shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic, with nearly every life and industry affected. Governments are working to keep their citizens safe while economies are struggling to stay stable. Small businesses around the world have been challenged financially, being forced to adapt to new forms of selling. As we navigate through the pandemic and prepare for its end, there’s several ways that businesses can strategize to make the most out of their situation.

Let’s go through three helpful tips that can guide your business to boosting sales during and after COVID-19.

#1. Re-evaluate Your Offering
It’s no secret that the onset of COVID-19 has changed how we live our lives every day. This is one thing that you cannot ignore when it comes to your customers. Some products you sell may be irrelevant to their needs, while others may be more important than ever. Ask yourself the following questions to determine what you should still be selling during and after the pandemic:
What products do you sell that may no longer be relevant?
What products can you sell that may be more relevant to customers?
Where can you move physical offerings to online venues?
How can you readjust your service to better cater to customers?

#2. Communicate with Customers
During and after the pandemic, it’s crucial that your business is constantly communicating with your audience. Businesses and customers are both experiencing many changes in their day-to-day life, whether it’s financial struggle or a simple change of routine.

According to research by 4 A’s, 43% of consumers find it reassuring to hear from brands that they know and trust during this time.

Utilize your messaging channels, including social media, to inform customers about what’s changing (and staying the same) with your business. This includes the following:
Will all products still be available?
Are you halting delivery to any countries or areas?
Will there be any delays on production?
What is the updated expected delivery time for products?
How are you keeping customers and staff safe?
What services are returning as the pandemic winds down?

#3. Start Planning Ahead
If you had no crisis plan in place before the pandemic, then your business may have been caught off guard and suffered as a result. There’s no better time than the present to start planning on how you’ll be approaching the rest of the pandemic and how you’ll be returning back to normal once it’s over.

Of course, the pandemic has been largely unpredictable, with lockdowns starting and ending quickly. It’s impossible to plan with specific dates, so give your plan room to change if the situation alters at all. While we all want to increase sales, we also don’t want to lose sales either – look at what your business is doing right now and locate any weak points.


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