Estate Planning

Corporate Compliance

Do you want to make sure your hard earned money works for you and ends up in the right hands when you leave us?

Like most of our clients, you’re probably working hard to build your assets to make sure that you and your family have nothing to worry about financially. All this hard work building your estate is more than an income stream; it is an asset. Like any asset, your estate needs a strategy.

These days, it’s necessary to consider a wide range of issues including the impact of taxation, protection from creditors, government social security regulations and family law. Also, amendments to bankruptcy legislation necessitate a fresh look at asset protection.

We can work with you and your other professional advisors to ensure that plans are put in place to assist you with wealth creation, preservation and ultimate distribution to your desired beneficiaries.

Successful estate planning and asset protection is a result of attention to detail and a co-ordinated effort of experts in taxation, accounting and superannuation.