COVID-19: Things To Consider As Businesses Re-opens


As business owners devise their blueprints to safely reopen their business, they are faced with a huge opportunity to take an objective look at every aspect of their operations. Businesses who take a thorough approach to this task will emerge from this acutely challenging period with renewed optimism. They’ll also build a strong foundation for future success.

Reopening Your Business Under the New Normal

The reality is, we’re likely to be living alongside COVID-19 for the foreseeable future. How businesses adapt this “new normal” will make all the difference to their long-term viability. Unfortunately, there’s no guide book for success. This is an unprecedented situation and we don’t have a set of cliff notes to fall back upon.

The onus is on individual businesses to devise their own plan for safe operations. This plan should be based on their unique business circumstances and space. As we move into this critical phase, here are 2 key considerations every business owner should address before reopening their business.

#1. How Can You Operate Safely?

Most consumers are going to need to see evidence of enhanced safety measures prior to resuming their normal shopping habits. Investing time and effort into ensuring customers are safe isn’t just common sense, it’s good for business. In this regard, resources and collateral exist to help business owners. 

Share your plan with customers. Ask for their feedback. They are your most important stakeholders and including them in this process shows you care. It also highlights you are taking the appropriate steps to keep them safe.

#2. Involve Your Team Members

If your business has been shuttered during the pandemic, it’s worth virtually gathering team members to involve them in the reopening plan. You will likely encounter some staff who aren’t ready to come back. This is totally normal. We are living through a pandemic and some individuals may not feel comfortable being around others. Ask their opinions on how to safely operate. 

Consider how your space could be maximized to ensure the safe flow of customers. What protective measures staff would like to see, etc. If you envisage changes to opening hours, or some redefining of individual job roles, communicate these prospective changes now. Where possible, delegate roles and responsibilities and empower your team members. It’s an opportunity to help them improve their skills and will pay off in other operational ways down the road.


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