3 Benefits Of Employee Recognition



The holidays are not the only time to show appreciation to your employees or subordinates. You should always appreciate them especially when they have displayed exceptional performances. Available data in the business world shows that employees or subordinates always want to be respected as a way to motivate them to continue to do more.

One of the best ways to motivate your workers so that they can always strive to grow your business is to recognise them for their efforts and loyalty. There are different ways to recognise or appreciate your employees in the workplace. For instance, a simple thank-you note to your employees can go a long way to boost their morale.

In this post, we will walk you through the top three benefits of employee recognition:

#1. Recognition improves employee engagement and productivity

Different studies have proven that recognition of an employee in the workplace can lead to productivity and employee engagement. More often than not, today’s employees usually feel that their contribution towards the growth of your company is ignored, but when you reward or recognize their contribution, they are more likely to become your brand ambassador. A simple thank you email to your employee at the end of the year can make them feel good.

#2. Recognition increases employee retention

If you are battling with employee retention, one way to resolve this problem is to start rewarding or recognizing your employees. Remember today’s employees always want to be appreciated for the effort towards the growth of your company. Money is not the only way to show appreciation or recognise your employee. You can organise a end of year party and then share gifts that are valuable to them and make it clear that you are recognising them for their effort towards the growth of your company. Regardless of how you choose to recognise your employees, ensure that it is timely and well deserved.

#3. Recognition can boost employee morale and build relationships

Building positive relationships with your employees or even boosting their morale to perform better on the job is a function of recognising your employee for their contributions towards the growth of your company. Did your team just finish a project that fetched your company a lot of money? Then celebrate them for the milestone. Remember, one of the keys to building a happy workplace is relationship-building, and you can achieve this through employee recognition.

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